Snowdrop 28cm Mohair 5-Way Jointed Bear Pattern

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Snowdrop's pattern will enable you to create this 5-way jointed, adorable mohair ted with shaded, droopy ears. Included with the pattern are step-by-step instructions and photo.

Snowdrop’s pattern will enable you to make this 5-way jointed, adorable ted with shaded, droopy ears.

Designed by Eunice Beaton


28 cm

Skill Level

Intermediate (See Skill Level explanation page)

Basic sewing and bearmaking experience required. Hand, and/or machine, sewn.

Snowdrop requires the following if you wish to make her:

  • Distressed (white / off white) 22 mm pile Schulte mohair - sized 30 cm x 70 cm.
  • Mini velvet (white) for snout, inner ears and footpads - sized 14 cm x 19 cm.

One pair 5 mm black glass eyes with loops.

  • 6 x size 30 mm fibre discs for the head and arms to body connection.
  • 4 x size 40 mm fibre discs for legs to body connection.

  • 4 x Slot-head screws, 4 x locknuts & 8 x wasters for limb-body connection.
  • 1 x Cotter or T-pin for the head to body connection.

  • 2 metres #5 variegated pink Perle embroidery thread for her nose, mouth and claw detail.

Ultrasuede strip (colours may vary in pattern) and beads for trim on neck tie.


  • Hollofibre filling is not included in the pattern.
  • Snowdrop is a collectable bear and not suitable for young children due to small parts.

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