T-Pin 1.6mm x 16mm - Singles

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A 1.6mm x 16mm T-pin used to connect the joint discs in your bear.

A T-pin is a two-pronged pin with a T-shaped head. The two prongs are referred to as tines (or tails). The flat head prevents it from being pulled through the hole of disc.

In bearmaking they are used as a connector inside the fabric and between discs for mobility and to secure the bear’s limbs and/or head to its body. After passing the T-pin through the discs from inside the limbs and/or head to inside the body, the prongs, or tails, are separated or splayed apart (using either long nose pliers or a cotter pin turner). Then each prong, or tail, is independently rolled down into a tight curl so that it touches the disc and provides a secure fit to the limb or head/body connection.

They are also a preferred choice for use in miniature/smaller bears where it would be difficult to use another option such as the slot-head screw/locknut connection.

This T-pin is 1.6mm thick and 16mm long. Sold as a single unit.

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