Beartolini 25cm Viscose Clown Bear Kit

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Beartolini is a hand-dyed Steiff-Schulte viscose clown bear.
Beartolini is Eunice's latest creation and part of the Toybox and Teddies Range. He is a one-of-kind hand-dyed Steiff-Schulte viscose antique-clown-inspired ted with rayon ribbon wrist ruffles, rosette pom poms on his feet and a looped ribbon collar to add a little flair. Although he looks pretty innocent and laid-back, don't be deceived - he's the one who opens the toybox at night and gets up to circus antics, entertaining and enthralling all the other Toybox Teddies & Friends! His unique hand-dyed viscose "coat" and trim were designed to impart a certain olde-worlde look to him. He has glass eyes with ultrasuede eye-backing detail, is 5-way jointed and has a handful of plastic pellets to add weight to his tummy and feet (these are optional and not included in the kit). His mock suede pointed and brimmed hat with pom poms adds to his appeal.
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