Hopkin Hare 24cm Steiff-Schulte Mohair 5-Way Jointed Pattern

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Hopkin Hare is created from Steiff-Schulte mohair, has ultrasuede inner ears and footpads and is 5-way jointed.

Hopkin Hare is the latest addition to the Toybox Teddies & Friends range. Created from Steiff-Schulte's matted, tipped mohair, he has contrasting ultrasuede footpads and inner ears. Wire inserts in his ears allow them to be bent for effect. His bow tie adds a touch of class to his appearance.

Designed by Dianne Sturgess


24 cm to the tips of his ears

Skill Level

Intermediate (See Skill Level explanation page)

Basic sewing and bearmaking experience required for hand stitching.

Hopkin Hare requires the following if you wish to make him:

  • Matted, tipped Steiff-Schulte mohair - sized 25 cm x 35 cm (1/16th).
  • An extra 5 cm x 5 cm for his tail.
  • Ultrasuede for foot pads and inner ears - sized 8 cm x 15 cm.

One pair 6 mm black glass eyes.

  • 2 x size 20 mm joint discs for the head.
  • 4 x size 17 mm joint discs for the arms.
  • 4 x size 25 mm joint discs for the legs.

  • 5 x Cotter or T-pins for head & limbs to body connection.

  • 0.5 metres #5 black Perle embroidery thread for nose & mouth.

  • Approx. 7cm x 10 cm fabric for his bow tie.
  • Approx. 20cm cm Ribbon to secure the bow tie.
  • Two pieces florists wire - approx. 20cm each, for inserting in his ears.


  • Hollofibre and glass beads filling are not included in the pattern.
  • Hopkin Hare is a collectable bear and not suitable for young children due to small parts.

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