Screws 4mm x 16mm - Pack of 50

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Screws are used to secure the discs of your bear's limbs, together with washers and locknuts. Sufficient for both arms and legs of 12 bears.

Slot-head screws offer an alternative to cotter pins, they are used in conjunction with washers and locknuts to secure the discs in your bear's limb/body connection. These screws have a slot in the head of the screw which takes a standard screwdriver to tighten them once they are connected with the discs, locknut and washers. If you experience difficulty in turning cotter or T-pin tails to get a tight fit on your bear's limbs, then this would be a good option for you to try.

This screw has a 4mm diameter and is 16mm in length. Sold as a pack of 50.

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