Nut Driver 4mm

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TNUD-0015- LW
Nut driver for securing your bear's locknut joint system when using 4mm diameter locknuts.

This nut driver is the perfect tool for securing your bear’s locknut jointing system. Our locknuts are 4mm in diameter and fit over the 4mm diameter screws.

How to use it

Once you have inserted the screw, washer and disc from the limb of your bear into its body, add another disc and washer, then place the locknut over the screw. Turn the locknut with your fingers as far as you can. Now you're halfway there.

Next - secure the locknut tightly onto the screw by placing the nut driver over the locknut and then, with a screwdriver in the slot of the head of the screw, turn the screwdriver clockwise whilst holding the nutdriver stable. The ‘tail’ of the screw should now extend beyond the edge of the locknut.

Remember, that if you don’t tighten the locknut onto the screw securely, your bear’s joint connection will be loose and he won’t be able to sit easily or comfortably!

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