Nellie 18cm Unjointed Fabric Ellie Kit

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Nellie the Ellie is a cute fabric elephant kit.
Nellie the Ellie is a cute fabric elephant. Her large brown eyes look appealingly at you and her floppy, brightly coloured cotton-lined ears and long trunk just add to her good looks. The base of each leg has button-hole stitch applique detail footpads and she is perfect gift for young and old aliike. Size: 18cm Designed by Di Sturgess Skill Level: Basic sewing skills. Nellie can be hand or machine sewn. Items in Nellie's kit Pattern: Step-by-step instructions, pattern sheet and photo Fabric: Body, Limbs, Head & Outer Ears: Approx. 33cm x 38cm Inner Ears: Approx. 12cm x 10cm Head Bow: Approx. 2cm x 20cm strip Footpads: Approx.7cm x 9cm for four Note: Fabric colours may vary in kits. Eyes: One pair 14mm Eyes Button: One for creating a 'belly' button Stitching detail: Embroidery thread in contrasting colour for button-hole stitching four footpads and attaching button on tummy. NOTE: Filling: Hollofibre is not included in the kit and is required to fill Nellie. Sewing Thread is not incuded in the kit. Match the colour thread to the fabric colour.
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