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February 2012 Edition

Welcome to our first online newsletter which will in future be viewable on our website and/or sent to you via HTML email instead of in the old PDF format and which, for some of you, should improve load time on your computer!

'Leap Ahead'
with Teddytech's Leap Year Online
Steiff-Schulte Mohair Special

This special offer comes but once every four years and is only available through our website — so seize the opportunity.

This year February has 29 days. So....

** For every 1/8 meter of Steiff-Schulte Mohair you purchase, you get R29 off the retail price.

** For every 1/4 meter of Steiff-Schulte Mohair you purchase, you get R58 (R29x2) off the retail price.

What a saving!

How to 'Leap Ahead'...

Click here to visit the Steiff-Schulte Mohair page.

  • If you've not already done so, register as a customer.
  • Optionally sign up to receive our email newsletter.
  • Select your choice of Steiff-Schulte Mohair(s).
  • Checkout and you've made the Leap!

within South Africa on orders over R385

Remember, orders must be placed online to qualify for the 'Leap Year' Online Special.

  • Online shoppers only.
  • Limited quantities available. First come first served!
  • Valid Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th only.

A few facts about Leap Year...

  • 'Leap Day' is February 29th, which is an extra day added during a Leap Year, making the year 366 days long. This day was added when it was discovered that the Earth didn't quite orbit around the sun in precisely 365 days.
  • Leap Year occurs every 4 years.
  • It's a popular day for women to propose to men, instead of demurely waiting for their beloved to get on bended knee.
  • A person born in a Leap Year on the 29th February may be called a "leapling" or a "leaper"!

About Steiff-Schulte Mohair

  • Teddytech is proud to be the Southern African stockists of Steiff-Schulte Mohair.
  • Since 1901 the finest mohair fabrics have been produced at Schulte in Germany. Their strength lies in the expert finishing and special surface effects which make their woven fur fabrics unique, world wide.
  • Whether you use Steiff-Schulte's swirled, distressed, antique wavy, curly or plain, densely woven or sparse mohair, go green and use environmentally friendly, genuine Steiff-Schulte Mohair — 100% natural — for your bears!

Our Newest Steiff-Schulte Mohair DIY Kit

Fleur front view Fleur back view

Fleur - a 20cm standing Dragon-Bear

Click here to find Fleur kits & patterns on our website.

Fleur — our friendly Dragon — is a delightful, likeable character, who enjoys the beauty and fragrance of flowers. With a brightly coloured 'coat', indicative of her cheerful personality, her endearing appeal is in stark contrast to the often-portrayed, typical fire-eating monsters

A standing dragon, she is 20cm tall and created from Steiff-Schulte Mohair and mini velvet, thus providing an interesting contrast in textures. Her limbs and head are jointed, she has glass eyes, an embroidered nose, mouth and claw detail.

The lace trim and mini buttons, as well as the instructions on how to make her fabric flowers with optional blanket-stitched edging and the frill on her spine are all included in her kit.

We're sure that Fleur will add interest and variety to your collection of teds.

Kit (excludes filling) is R225 incl VAT
Postage cost is excluded.

Join a class to make Fleur

You can also join a 2-session class to make Fleur. Let us help you with all the finer details.

The following dates are available:

  • Wednesday 7th & 14th March 9am – 12 noon
  • Saturday 10th & 17th March 9am – 12 noon
  • Evening classes held on request and are from 6pm - 9pm

Special Kit and 2-session Workshop Fee: Only R325.

For more information and to reserve your place, contact: 031-3127755

Tapered Tailors Awl

Click here to view the Tapered Tailors Awl product page.

Why use a tapered awl?

Tapered Tailors AwlSimply because it is a very handy tool to have to make the correct size hole in your fabric without damaging the fibres. As it is tapered from a fine point to a wider diameter, it will, by separating the fabric strands, make the required hole small or large enough for the glass eye loops or cotter pins/locknuts to pass through.

This awl comes with a sturdy wooden handle as well as a plastic protective sheath to cover and protect the tip.

Only R40 each (excluding postage)