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April 2012 Edition

Cape Bear Fair 2012

Teddytech will be at the 2012 annual Buitenverwachting Bear Fair in Constantia, outside Cape Town, on Tuesday the 1st of May opening at 9am and closing at 4pm.

This takes place outdoors, under the old oak trees, on the stunning Buitenverwachting Wine Estate situated on the east-facing slopes of the magnificent Constantiaberg and surrounded by vineyards.

We will be bringing a large assortment of bearmaking supplies, kits and fabrics, with Mohairs at a special price, and look forward to your visit if you are in the area.

If you can't attend the show be sure to visit our website later this week to view some of our new products.

Fiskars Micro-Tip No 5 Scissors

Fiskars ColouredFiskars Grey

Click here to find Fiskars products on our website.

Looking for the perfect gift for a sewer? Then look no further – these are an investment purchase! Fiskars' micro tip scissors are easy on the hands due to the spring action locking system and you can easily manouvre them and cut into small curves and shapes. Bearmakers use them not only for cutting out the fur, but for trimming the seams, the pile around their bear's snouts and more.

Only R150 excluding postage.

A new Toybox Teddies & Friends Kit


Available online soon!

Antique-style clowns were the inspiration for Eunice's latest creation – Beartolini – a one-of-kind hand-dyed Steiff-Schulte viscose ted with rayon ribbon wrist ruffles, rosette pom poms on his feet and a looped ribbon collar to add a little flair. Although he looks pretty innocent and laid-back, don't be deceived - he's the one who opens the toybox at night and gets up to circus antics, entertaining and enthralling all the other Toybox Teddies & Friends! His unique hand-dyed viscose "coat" and trim were designed to impart a certain olde-worlde look to him. He has glass eyes with ultrasuede eye-backing detail, is 5-way jointed and has a handful of plastic pellets to add weight to his tummy and feet. His mock suede pointed and brimmed hat with pom poms adds to his appeal.

We personally think his departure from clowning around in the Big Tent circus world is a great boost for the Toybox Friends – now they can look forward to non-stop entertainment at night when the lights go out!

25cm when wearing his hat.
R165 excluding postage (+R25 insured econopost)