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July 2012 Edition

Beat the Winter Blues...
Get Crafty with Teddytech!

Teddytech's craft kits and patterns will expand your horizons and your 'gift stash' (you know that shelf in the cupboard where you store up all the little presents you may just need to give to someone?). Whether you want to make a gift for a friend, teach your children some basic sewing skills and get them crafting, or just relax and make something that's not too challenging — try making one, or more, of these amazingly useful and practical items.

Bearfoot Becky 45cm Doorstopper Kit

Bearfoot BeckyPrevent those doors from banging closed on windy days by getting Bearfoot Becky to do the job - and at the same time, recycle those empty juice bottles! Her body is a 2 litre bottle filled with sand to give her lots of weight, while her head, arms and body are made from synthetic teddy fur. Her head and arms are filled with hollofibre. We used cotton blend fabric for her yoked dress with it's shoulder frills and the bow on her head.

You could also use left-over curtain fabric from a colour/design themed bedroom or living room for her dress so she blends in perfectly with your decor.

Kit includes a photo, the pattern, instructions, fur, safety eyes, safety nose, embroidery thread for her mouth and fabric for her dress & bow. Colours may vary from image. 2 litre bottle (recycle an empty juice bottle), sewing supplies, hollofibre.

Click here to find Bearfoot Becky kits & patterns on our website.

: R85 plus postage. (**see below)
: R20

Cubby Cupcake 8.5cm Pincushion Kit

CubbyInspired by the popularity of cupcakes, we designed and created this project and it only requires a little basic sewing. Perfect if you want to spend time crafting with your children or grand-children helping them make a very useful item for someone who sews and who will find the pincushion handy to have in their sewing box. The pincushion consists of a covered tubular base with a soft, puffy top which features a felt teddy bear face, sewn on with straight stitched applique detail. Available in teddy colours (or blues/pinks on request).

Kit includes a photo, pattern, instructions, fabric, felt, tube and disc for the base and some trim. hollofibre, sewing supplies (needle, thread etc) and craft glue.

Click here to find Cubby Cupcake kits on our website.

: Only R25 plus postage. (**see below)
: R10

Hang-It-Up 40cm Coathanger Kit

Hang-It-UpThis has proved to be the perfect baby shower gift! Especially for moms-to-be and new moms but just as popular with toddlers and young children. Using their teddy coathanger will encourage them to hang up their clothes! The base is a wooden hanger and the synthetic fur is used to cover the hanger and create the teddy head. A ribbon is supplied to wrap around the hook for a neat finish.

Kit includes a photo, the pattern, instructions, wooden hanger (specify shorter or longer hanger), synthetic fur, ribbon, teddy safety eyes, safety nose and some thread to embroider the mouth. hollofibre for the head and sewing supplies.

Click here to find Hang-It-Up kits on our website.

: R20 plus postage. (**see below)
: R10
Extra coathangers R5 ea

NOTE: General Info on the craft kits

Kits exclude sewing supplies, i.e. needles, pins, threads etc and hollofibre filling, where required).

**Postage: R25 for items (or combined items) weighing up to 1kg (and within certain dimensions). Insurance option is 2% of the value of the order. Postage will be calculated upon receipt of order if several items are being combined.

Mini Patchwork/Applique 20cm Quilt Kit

QuiltMake a little quilt for your teddy to sit on — or keep him warm in winter! No previous patchwork experience needed. Use a combination of strip quilting for the log-cabin effect, raw-edge hand applique for the beehives, and a basic quilting stitch (a small running stitch) for a three dimensional effect once the quilt is layered.

Kit includes a photo, pattern, instructions, quilt fabrics (the strips are pre-cut) as well as the thin batting, the backing, the binding for the quilt, stranded embroidery thread for the applique shapes and applique paper. Colour options: Browns, Blues or Pinks, all with cream base. sewing supplies, quilting thread.

: R75 plus postage. (**see below)

If you prefer some guidance making this, then you could always join our Make a Mini Patchwork Quilt Class.
Click here to contact us for details.

Bunny 30cm Unjointed Bunny Kit

BunnyBunny with a 'B' embroidered on his tummy — for 'Bunny' or 'Baby'! This unjointed, easy-to-make bunny is created from off-white waffle weave fabric so is soft and easy to the touch if making it for a newborn baby. Bunny has felt eyes and the embroidery detail consists of straight and stem stitches as well as some french knots for detail on the feet and paws. When completed, Bunny is just right for little hands to grip onto.

Kit includes a photo, the pattern, fabric, felt scraps for eyes and embroidery threads. hollofibre and all sewing supplies.

Click here to find Unjointed Bunny kits on our website.

: R30 plus postage. (**see below)
: R20

Beth Bunny (or Bear) 44cm Unjointed Kit

BethBeth's kit will enable you to create this country-style dressed, synthetic fur, unjointed bunny (or re-shape the ears and turn it into a bear!). She has a cloth body and part-cloth and part-fur arms and legs.

Finish her dress and pantaloons using country-style frayed edging, or a more refined hemmed finish. Optional weighted limbs (using plastic pellets) enable her to sit comfortably on a chair or shelf. Fabrics may differ from image shown.

Kit includes a photo, the pattern, instructions, fabrics, safety eyes & nose, embroidery threads, lace for 'collar' and button. hollofibre filling and sewing supplies.

Click here to find Beth kits & patterns on our website.

: R175 plus postage. (**see below)

A special gift for a special friend from Teddytech's Get-Togethers

CynthiaFor the past 10 years our once-a-month Saturday afternoon get-togethers (as fund-raisers for SA Guide Dog Association) have led to us forming firm friendships with special bearmakers and crafters and this month one of our regular attendees, Cynthia, leaves the group to relocate to Johannesburg. As a special farewell gift each member of our group stitched a signature block which was co-ordinated with strips of Steiff-Schulte mohairs and sewn into a one-of-a kind, personalized cushion for her to take with her. It will be a permanent reminder of her Teddytech group of friends she left behind back in KZN. We'll miss you, Cynthia!

As you can see from the photo, Cynthia was delighted with her gift. Now the whole group has been challenged to stitch more signature blocks so we can all create our own special cushions — using left-over strips of Steiff-Schulte mohair from bearmaking, of course!