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4th October 2013

These deals are a steal!...

Take advantage of our 'Limited Quantity' Specials ...

  • Mini Bear Supplies Combo
  • Ultrasuede Scrap Pack
  • Footpad Stencil designs for some fancy footwork...
  • Glass noses for those who don't want to embroider them!

Buy while stocks last!

Excludes postage. See details at end of newsletter.

Mini Bear Supplies Combo for R60!

You'll make a small bear in no time with our Mini Bear Supplies Combo.

Mini Velvet Combo

Click here to view this special on our website

What's in the Combo?

  • 2 pieces mini velvet (1 pink and 1 blue)
  • (Make at least 5 small bears under 10cm each from the 2 pieces!)
  • 5 pairs 3mm black onyx beads for eyes
  • 5 sets of 10mm discs (total 50 discs and 25 cotter pins)
  • Only R60 (excluding postage)

Ultrasuede Surprise Scrap Pack – only R20 ea

Ultrasuede Scraps

Click here to view this special on our website

Now you can get a mixed variety of coloured ultrasuedes in smaller pieces — use as trims or paws/pads for your smaller bears. Packed randomly, each pack contains an assortment of different coloured and sized ultrasuede, roughly equivalent to our standard piece of 25cm x 18cm. Regret no pre-selection of colours possible.

Only R20 per scrap pack

Footpad Stencil designs for some fancy footwork...

Enhance your bear's footpads and pawpads

Only R24 for three assorted design 60mm stencils &
Only R48 for six assorted design 75mm stencils

Footpad Stencils

Click here to view the 60mm footpad stencils special on our website

Click here to view the 75mm footpad stencils special on our website

The sizes/measurement of 60mm and 75mm refers to the length of the design area from toe to heel within the footpad, so tend to be for medium to larger sized bears. Place the stencil over the fabric and transfer the design to your fabric. See more tips below.

A few tips and ideas on how you can use these stencils...

  1. Shading or Airbrushing:
    Use a shading pen or fabric paint and shade directly onto your bear's footpad fabric through the stencil. Or air brush the design on.
  2. Applique:
    Applique is the technique of applying one layer of fabric to another, using two fabrics that contrast in colour and/or texture. Place the stencil on one fabric and with a gel pen, trace around the selected stencil design. Cut the traced footpad shape/s out, place them onto the right side of the footpad fabric and then applique them on to the bear's mohair footpad. Use a small, neat slip stitch or ladder stitch.
  3. Reverse Applique:
    This method also uses two layers of fabric but the method is 'reversed'! Mark the stencil shape on the top layer. Carefully cut the design out with small sharp scissors. Place the 'cut out' top layer of the footpad on top of the lower layer of fabric, tack together and, from the top, neatly applique the two layers around the cut out shape, using a matching coloured thread and small neat stitches. Click here to see our Goozbeary pattern for this technique.
  4. Embroider:
    Trace the stencil design on to the footpad and, using embroidery thread, fill in the design area.

Be creative and replicate part of the footpad design on your bear's paws.

Glass noses

Glass Nose

Click here to view the 8mm glass nose special on our website

Click here to view the 10mm glass nose special on our website

Not into embroidering noses or just want a different look to your bear's nose? Then try these lovely glossy glass nostril shaped noses. They're attached to your bear's head the same way as the glass eyes — after the head has been filled, using a strong thread attached to the loop behind the nose then pulled in to the head and secured.

8mm – only R3 each
10mm – only R5 each

Note: All of the above specials exclude postage of R25 for a total weight of up to 1kg and within certain dimensions.

Optional insurance would be 3% of the value of the order.

Beary warm regards

Eunice & Di