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5th August 2012

Hello Bearmakers

Back to SchoolWe're getting 'Back to Basics' ... with so many new bearmakers out there we thought it would be a good idea to provide a few basic tips and snippets of info that will add to their bearmaking knowledge. Future 'Bearmaking Bulletins' will also include on-going useful hints that will enhance the bearmaking experience, and/or act as a 'refresher' for those bearmakers who have perhaps taken a break from bearmaking and are getting back into the swing of things!

Selecting a Kit or Pattern

Kit or PatternKits are certainly the easiest way to get started in bearmaking, as everything has been thought out for you and usually all the items (except for the filling, maybe) will be included. Examples include the pattern, instructions and supplies (correct joint disc size, eye size, fur, nose thread, etc) which have all been selected to match the design of the bear.

As with any hobby, start with a simple pattern; one that is not going to be too challenging, whether it be in design or size. After all, you want to make it an enjoyable experience, so our advice is:

  1. Start with either an unjointed bear (this will get you into bearmaking mode without the concern of wondering how you will get your bear 'jointed' and moveable) or otherwise get straight into creating a basic traditional 5-way jointed bear;
  2. Select a manageable size — average or medium sized (not too small or too large), say 25cm to 35cm;
  3. Choose a simple, uncomplicated design with not too many separate template pieces. Even a pattern that doesn't require the insertion of paws and footpads can easily be made;
  4. Get started and go for it!

If you would like to see a specific topic covered in our 'Back to Basics' tips, please click here to email us.


Watch this space!

Clue #2

Clue #2 of our new kit that's 'in the making'. We've received some interesting guesses! ...a Mother Theresa Bear (now that's an idea!), ...a kitchen boy, ...a sailor boy, ...a dressed meerkat... ! What could it be? Any more suggestions?

All will be revealed next week.

Beary kind regards
Eunice & Di