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6th April 2024
30th Anniversary

Teddytech Anniversary

‘Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current. No sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away...’ — Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

How true those words are! Even though we are still in the first part of this year, summer is but a pleasant memory, Easter has come and gone and the autumnal season is upon us.

During our 30th Anniversary year we'll be taking time to reminisce on some special by‐gone moments, swept away by time, but forever etched in our memory.

One important highlight was being appointed as the distributors for Schulte mohair in Southern Africa in 1997. There was great anticipation and excitement when we unpacked our first roll of Schulte mohair. Eunice immediately set to work and created Simon Sailor.

Simon has graciously agreed to come out of retirement to join in the celebrations. And we are delighted to let you know that Simon Sailor is still clothed in the same amazing mohair that was used for him all those years ago!

Available as a very Limited Edition Anniversary kit, you, too, can now add a traditional Simon Sailor to your collection.

Simon Sailor

Click here to view Simon Sailor Bear Kit on our website

What's in Simon Sailor's Kit?

The cover with photograph, pattern and instructions, Steiff‐Schulte mohair, glass eyes, embroidery thread for his nose and mouth, joint discs, connector hardware, as well as the pattern, fabric and ribbons to make his sailor collar. Filling is excluded.

Size of Simon Sailor: 25cm
Kit Price: R420

As our celebratory gift to you this month, we are offering complimentary postage for every Simon Sailor kit purchased and shipped within the borders of South Africa.

Simon Sailor is also available as a downloadable printable pattern PDF.

Click here to view Simon Sailor Downloadable PDF Pattern on our website

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Be Inspirational

Inspiration is extrinsic – it comes from the world around us,
but one must let it in and give it a chance!’

All of us, at some time or another, are inspired by a new idea, our environment, a trend, or a person who influences our creative endeavours.

Although we may not be aware of it, we too, in turn, can be an inspiration to others. Such an unconscious act can often lead to motivating them and unlocking the creativity within themselves.

So, this was the starting point for our Be Inspirational gallery...to invite and showcase established bearmakers, bear artists and collectors who we feel will encourage others on their bearmaking journey, to take that leap of faith and break out of their comfort zone.

Our invitation to them is to share their early beginnings in bearmaking, their particular style of bears, valuable tips, what influences them in their creative/collecting process...and more, in the hope that their stories will fill you with enthusiasm for new and challenging ideas in your bearmaking.

We're sure you'll be inspired by the many stories they'll be telling!

Visit our Be Inspirational gallery here

Till next time...
Happy bearmaking!