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23rd December 2019

Move over Rudolph — here comes Dancer!

Christmas is upon us and once again Santa and his team are preparing for the big night! The reindeer are getting into their stride making sure they’ve done enough endurance exercises and are fit for the journey. Whilst Rudolph has always been the centre of attention at this time of the year, we have a little surprise in store for you.

Some interesting facts reveal that reindeer are the only deer species in which females have antlers too. The male reindeers shed their antlers during the winter months in the northern hemisphere, whilst the female reindeer retain theirs until spring. Ever seen an image of Santa’s reindeers without antlers?

Furthermore, male reindeer also lose vitality during the winter months, whilst the females are strong and healthy. So would it not stand to reason then, that only female reindeer would be able to drag a 115kg man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night...and not get lost?! Just saying...

This little anecdote prompted us to create our very own version of one of Santa’s highly athletic female reindeers. She’s a special 2019 Limited Edition kit and her name is Dancer.

Dancer may look a little shy and naive, but she is actually quite outgoing and party loving. She needs more than Jingle Bells in her life because all she wants to do is dance. Her favourite songs? Dance the night away; Dance in the starlight; Dance to the rhythm of the beat...and more! So step aside Rudolph — Dancer will still be dancing on till New Year’s eve and beyond!


Kit Price: R295 (Excluding postage)

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Pattern Price: R55 (Excluding postage)

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Downloadable Price: R85 (No shipping necessary, ready to print and use immediately)

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Dancer is 26cm tall to the tip of her antlers, has a little white rayon chest inset piece, inner ears and fluffy tail to match. Dark brown hooves and paws provide a good contrast with the rest of her Steiff Schulte mohair body. She is 5-way jointed, has glass eyes, with glamorous eyelashes. Her felt antlers are filled with pipe cleaners to add some dimension and are trimmed with a little festive sparkle. Optional: glass beads for adding weight to her tum and limbs.

Give yourself a delightful gift this year, or put a Dancer kit under the Christmas tree for someone who will make it and appreciate it! Or better still, be creatve and make a little ballet dancing bear by removing the antlers, adding a tutu and changing her ears and feet. Then she can dance all year round!

May Teddytech take this opportunity of extending a very special thank you to all of its customers for their support this past year. We wish you a very happy festive season, spending time with family and friends, and hope that your New Year will be filled with joy, good health and prosperity!

Till next year...
Happy bearmaking!