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24th June 2014

Mitzi Kitzi

Mitzi Kitzi

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Our newest kitty cat kit is a real cutie pie! She fancies herself as a prospective participant in the dramatic world of Cirque du Soleil-style entertainment and thinks she'll fit the bill with her delicately 'painted' embroidered face detail and fluffy, bow-tied, tinkle-bell adorned tail!

Her large, green glass cat's eyes add to her appeal and the fur on her outer ears contrast well with rest of her soft, mini velvet body. A ruffled frill around her neck adds a finishing touch.

Mitzi Kitzi's kit includes fabrics, glass cat's eyes, joint discs and connectors, ultrasuede eye backing, assorted embroidery threads, pattern and instructions.

Cost of pattern: R35

Cost of kit: R110

Kit, including postage - Only R135 within South Africa

Back to Basics, Part 6 Fillings

Our Back to Basics column continues and we hope that you're adding some useful Teddytech tips to your bearmaking repertoire! What we have covered so far:

Types of fillings

There are a variety of filling types available to provide shape for your bear. Here are some of the most popular...


A soft, synthetic fibre and one of the most widely used filling for bears today. Be aware of hollofibre that has a coated finish as it will be difficult for your needle to penetrate it when inserting glass eyes.

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The natural or 'green' way of filling your bear. This silky down-like fibre (obtained from the hairs covering the seeds of a tropical ceiba tree) is also used as filling in mattresses, pillows, and upholstery. Although it is light, very buoyant and resistant to water, it is, however, very flammable.

Plastic Pellets, glass beads and steelshot

Used to add weight (will enable your bear to stand successfully) and/or poseability to your bears. Not safe in bears for babies and toddlers.

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Polypuffs or unicurl

Consists of little balls of hollofibre and will create a soft, squooshy feel to your bear.


The original filling used in those old traditional bears. Consists of wood shavings and provides a rigid filling. Still used today by many bear artists. Tends to disintegrate over a long period of time.

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