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25th January 2021

You can Be an Angel...

There are times when we all need an angel, so here is an opportunity for you to make one for yourself. Or, better still, why not be an angel and make one for somebody who may need comfort as they try and cope during these trying times. There is a saying ...“ that family and friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly”...

Astrid, the Angel ‘Bear’er of Good Tidings is our gift to you... her free downloadable PDF pattern and detailed instructions will enable you to get started straight away. No need to go shopping... use whatever fabric and items you have on hand to make her.


Click here to view Astrid Free Downloadable PDF Pattern on our website

She is only 25cm, and therefore quite manageable in size. Although she has traditional discs and hardware to provide mobility, glass eyes and hand embroidered nose, here are some extra ideas/suggestions as a variation ...

  • reduce the pattern to a smaller size
  • instead of discs/hardware to connect her limbs and body, use buttons to thread-joint them
  • stitch her head to her body instead of jointing it
  • embroider her eyes, add little buttons, or safety eyes instead of inserting glass eyes...
  • use a selection of different left-over scraps of mohair/other fabrics to make her unique
  • add ‘wings’/clothing/halo of your choice

Here’s hoping you enjoy making Astrid and, as she spreads her wings, bears ‘good tidings’ and provides comfort, we look forward to receiving pictures (and stories!) of all the angel bears being created from this pattern. How’s that for a challenge!

Goodbye to the memories of the past year ...and Hello 2021.

We are entering the beginning of a new year and a new decade, so let’s be positive about what this year will bring. May it be filled with excitement, hope, good health and much more, including a greater appreciation of the many things in life that we took for granted in the past.

Till next time...
Happy bearmaking!