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29th April 2014

Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes...
I'll never love blue eyes again...

How many of you remember the song written in the 1940's with those lyrics? Well, brown eyes often provide a gentler look than black eyes on bears, so why not take advantage of our special offer and give you bears some beautiful brown eyes!

With the Easter break behind us and mid-year already just around the corner, get yourself organised for winter bearmaking with our latest Special.


Brown Glass Eyes

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Buy two single pairs of the same size and get one pair, the same size, absolutely free!

Sizes on special: from 5mm up to 16mm.


  • Special offer only available on South African orders.
  • Limited time offer expires on 8th May 2014 and only while stocks last.
  • The 'buy two pairs get one pair free' offer is for the same size eyes.



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Our 10cm little Byron bear is cute enough to be held in your hand or slipped into a school shirt or dress pocket! He is created from short, sparse Schulte mohair (colours may vary in kit) and is thread jointed (no discs to connect — but you can add discs if you wish) so his legs and arms are still moveable. His head is ladder stitched to his body. Ultrasuede footpads only (i.e. no pawpads) and he has small black onyx bead eyes.

Kit includes photo, pattern and instructions.

Price: R110 excluding postage.

Fingertip brushes back in stock!

Fingertip Brush

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These very useful and quality, leather based, fingertip brushes are a great item to have in your sewing box. They merely slip over the tip of your finger and the wire bristles enable you to easily lift the pile of your bear's fur.

Price: R58 excluding postage.

Serafil Thread – for those bearmakers who like to stitch by hand.

Serafil Threads

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Made from strong, high-tenacity polyester continuous filaments for seam strength and durability, Serafil can be used for both hand and machine stitching. Each reel contains 500 metres and colours available are Gold #858, White #2000, Natural (off white) #1000, Beige #1285 and Chestnut #262.

Price: R30 each excluding postage.

In forthcoming issues ...

  • Mitzi Kitzi – our anime-style kitty cat.
  • Jewelietta – an easy to make, colourful new kit!
  • Part 6 of our Back to Basics series... Filling your bear.
  • We're gearing up for our 20th Anniversary and some great Specials!

Beary warm regards

Eunice & Di