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29th July 2012

Hello Bearmakers

The Olympic Games are in full swing and people are glued to their TV's watching exciting events — and hoping that SA can bring home a few medals. Teddytech, in the meantime, continues to keep the magic of bearmaking alive with new offers, kits and tips to enhance your bearmaking experience. So stay tuned!

Coming Soon!

Clue #1

Clue #1 for one of our new kits that is 'in the making'. Any idea of what it could be? Keep that thinking cap on because next week we'll reveal Clue #2 and maybe you'll guess what it is!

Note: Quoted prices exclude postage — but remember, all orders over R385 qualify for complimentary postage (within South African borders).

Beary kind regards
Eunice & Di

New Steiff Schulte Mohairs in stock!

We've just unpacked some stunning mohairs, something for all sizes and styles of bears. Here's a taste of what's in store — but keep an eye open on our website to view them as they are listed. In the meantime, why not make hay while the sun shines and seize the opportunity to purchase our specials at a great price. Limited in quantity and available on a first come, first served basis, so place your order soon!

DS 89/25 cl 5867 (Golden blonde)
Long 25mm pile, distressed mohair. Gorgeous!
Normal Price R385 per 1/4m. Special Only R330

Click here to view the product on our website.


TMT89/16 cl 9549 (Stone with brown tip)
Matted texture mohair with a tipped finish in a 16mm pile.
Normal price R310 per 1/4m. Special Only R260

Click here to view the product on our website.


ALP79/10 cl 1111 (Off white)
Soft, luxurious and dense 10mm pile alpaca.
Normal price R410 per 1/4m. Special Only R355

Click here to view the product on our website.