Skill Level Explanation

We've categorised the skill levels merely to give you, the bearmaker, an idea of what to expect when purchasing one of our patterns or kits. We believe that, even as a novice, you really can successfully make a bear once you set your mind to it — and many first-time bearmakers have proved this point despite having no, or very little knowledge, of basic sewing!

If you're still a little cautious and are new to bearmaking, we suggest you select a design that will enable you to complete it with ease — just to avoid any possible frustration! You can always challenge yourself to complete something more complicated once you have learnt the basics.

Remember too, that help is always on hand! Our support is also only an email or call away and we are always delighted to assist you with your bearmaking queries.

Skill Level 1 - Novice

Some basic sewing skills required.

Skill Level 2 - Intermediate

Basic sewing and some bearmaking skills/experience required.

Skill Level 3 - Advanced

Intermediate sewing and bearmaking skills/experience required. A bit more challenging due to various factors such as certain techniques included in the design, the size of the bear or perhaps the use of a much denser, longer, textured pile mohair.

Most of our designs can either be hand or machine stitched. Many bearmakers prefer the therapeutic effect of hand stitching, whilst others love the speed of machine stitching to get their bears together quickly. It's all a matter of personal preference.

In conclusion, if you're still uncertain about your ability to get started on bearmaking, draw some inspiration from the following:

"Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it."
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe